Buy 3,4-DMMC Powder Online

Buy 3,4-DMMC Powder Online

Buy 3,4-DMMC Powder Online

3,4-DMMC Powder also call 3,4-Dimethylmethcathinone is a stimulant drug first reported in 2010 as a designer drug analogue of mephedrone, apparently produced in response to the banning of mephedrone, following its widespread abuse in many countries in Europe and around the world. 3,4-DMMC has been seized as a designer drug in Australia. Buy 3,4-DMMC Powder Online

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Legal Status

As of October 2015 3,4-DMMC is a controlled substance in China.

3,4-DMMC is banned in the Czech Republic.

Chemical and physical data

Formula: C12H17NO

Molar mass: 191.269 g/mol g·mol−1

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